Monday, September 26, 2022

Deputy FM: Iran should not scare away its neighbors

An Iranian official has said that the foreign and interior ministries should work out a single formula to solve the pocketbook issues of the public.

The deputy foreign minister for Asia and Pacific affairs has said that Iran should not walk down the path which may frighten its neighbors and cause them to turn to Israel.

Speaking at a joint gathering of governors general and heads of Iran’s diplomatic missions oversees, Ebrahim Rahimpour further said that Iran needs to show that it is after a win-win game and the way we treat our neighbors is key to our success.

The Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on Monday covered the joint meeting and remarks by the Foreign Ministry official. The following is the translation of what else Rahimpour said there:

The deputy foreign minister said that governors general serve as a shield inside the country [to keep it safe] and ambassadors are the country’s lookouts abroad.

He further said that the eleventh government looks at the outside world through a non-security lens, although its head [President Rouhani] has a strong record in security areas.

The Foreign Ministry official went on to say that 11 out of 15 countries in this region have oil and gas reserves, adding that Iran can have good ties and do business with them.

The geographical position of the Islamic Republic of Iran is unique, Rahimpour said, adding that the country faces some inefficiency in the transit sector, though. “We need to shore up transit [of commodities and services] and promote the ways technical and engineering services are rendered.”

The Interior Ministry is often viewed as a body in charge of security issues, but this ministry – like the Foreign Ministry – should take into account the bread-and-butter issues of the public, he said, adding that the two ministries are expected to devise a formula to deal with economic issues.

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