Saturday, October 1, 2022

Death Penalty Commuted to Life Sentence for 7 Prisoners: Judiciary

Spokesman for the Iranian Judiciary Gholam-Hossein Mohsen Ejei announced on Sunday June 12 that seven prisoners who were on death row for drug trafficking charges had been granted a reprieve thanks to their good behaviour and unconditional repentance.

“Within the past three months, 7 of those [drug traffickers] sentenced to death have repented [of their crimes], […] and it was proved that they are really regretful,” Ejei said, as reported by ISNA and translated by IFP.

“They cooperated in every way with the Judiciary, and informed on other criminals active in the field,” he said.

They had been active in cultural, educational, and vocational activities inside the prison, and had even memorized a number of chapters from the holy Qur’an, Ejei noted.

It became clear to the Judiciary that they were totally repentant of their crimes, and based on the requests of Judiciary chiefs, their sentences were commuted from the death penalty to life sentences.


Near 35 Tons of Illicit Drugs Seized in Past 3 Months

Mohsen Ejei further noted that 34,646kg of various illegal drugs have been seized by the Iranian Police within the first three months of the new Persian year, which began on March 20.

“936kg of heroin, 88kg of methamphetamine, and 168kg of crack were among the drugs seized within this period of time,” the Judiciary spokesman said, adding that more than 1,000kg of the confiscated drugs were considered very dangerous.

“If such a huge amount of drugs was distributed across the country, they would cause many problems for people, and especially the youth,” he noted.

He noted that “Iran sentences drug traffickers to death, but so-called advocates of human rights protest about the efforts made against these people [criminals].”

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