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Zionist Lobby Groups Trigger Anti-Iran Policies in US: MP

An Iranian lawmaker says 70 to 80 Jewish-Zionist groups are active in the US working as Israel’s proxies to help realize Tel Aviv’s goals in the region and trigger anti-Iran policies in Washington’s decision-making circles.

Trump Serving Iran’s Establishment like a Soldier: Analyst

A political commentator says Trump has made even the opponents of the Islamic Republic acknowledge that Iran has been right about the US hostility over the past four decades.

US Claim that Iran Helping Terrorists Ridiculous: Larijani

Iranian Parliament speaker says the US claim that the Islamic Republic of Iran is helping terrorists is laughable.
Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei

US Elites Embarrassed by Trump’s UNGA Speech: Iran Leader

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, says American people and elites feel ashamed of the ‘nonsensical’ and extremely ‘awkward’ remarks made by US President Donald Trump at the UN General Assembly.

‘US Slapping Bans on Iran to Make Up for Own Defeats’

An Iranian parliamentarian says the US seeks to compensate for its defeats and frustration in the region by imposing sanctions on Iran.

Iran Sympathizes with Mexico over Deadly Earthquake

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman has voiced regret over the recent earthquake in Mexico, which has killed and wounded hundreds of people.
Hassan Rouhani

Iran President to Leave Tehran for New York on Sunday

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will depart for the US city of New York on Sunday to attend the United Nations General Assembly due to be held in coming days.

Iran Decries US Searches of Russian Diplomatic Buildings

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman has condemned the US move to conduct searches at Russian diplomatic buildings.

Iran Sympathizes with US over Deadly Harvey Storm

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman has expressed regret over the damages and losses caused by the recent storm and flooding that hit parts of the United States, leaving tens of Americans dead and missing.

‘US Can’t Afford Costs of Fresh War in Afghanistan’

A senior Iranian lawmaker says America’s military buildup in Afghanistan will stoke tensions and disputes inside the United States as the country cannot afford to pay the costs of a new war.

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