Russia says Moscow, Washington relations hanging by a thread

The Relations between Russia and the United States are hanging by a thread, with Washington to blame, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced in a statement on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the re-establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries.

Washington’s desire to contain Moscow and Beijing globally is the root cause of a most profound crisis in the Russian-US relationship, the Russian diplomatic agency emphasized.

“Owing to Washington’s policy of rampant Russophobia, they [relations] <…> risk being severed at any moment. This is not Russia’s choice, but reckless moves on the part of the United States that spin the wheel of escalation, including the doctrinal task of inflicting a ‘strategic defeat’ on Moscow, risk leading to catastrophic consequences,” the foreign ministry warned.

According to the ministry, US political circles are “hopelessly and nonsensically focused on changing the regime and stirring up internal strife in Russia, a project into which substantial funds are being invested.”

However, the ministry recalled the good history the two countries had when building their cooperation on respect and a mutual consideration of interests.

“It is these principles which formed the basis of the 1933 agreement on re-establishing bilateral diplomatic ties that remain fully relevant in these unprecedented circumstances,” it concluded.

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