Sunday, December 3, 2023

US confirms its abilities to help Ukraine diminishing every day

Washington’s abilities to provide help to the Kiev authorities are becoming smaller from day to day but the country is still providing the military assistance asked for by Ukraine, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has stated at a briefing.

“Each week that passes, our ability to fully fund what we feel is necessary to give Ukraine the tools and capacities it needs to both defend its territory and to continue to make advances, that gets harder and harder,” Sullivan said.

“We are still able to supply the military assistance that Ukraine has been asking for. But if we got the full funding, we could do so on a much more certain and consistent basis,” he noted.

“The window is closing” but the White House cannot indicate a specific date when all the Washington’s funds to help Kiev authorities will be spent, the official continued.

“I can tell you it is already having an effect on our ability to give to Ukraine everything that it needs. And that effect will only compound over time,” he added.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov has recently insisted there is no way the Russian military can be defeated. His comments follow recent claims by President Vladimir Putin that Western governments were lowering their expectations regarding the outcome of the Ukraine conflict.

Speaking to Russian journalist Pavel Zarubin on Thursday, Peskov stated “it is high time that everyone in Kiev and Washington realized: it’s impossible to defeat Russia on the battlefield.”

Putin claimed on Friday that Western powers were “changing their tune now [and] saying different things” compared to their previous insistence on inflicting a military defeat on Russia.

Citing anonymous US officials, NBC has recently reported that behind closed doors Washington had been pushing Kiev toward negotiations with Moscow. The outlet also claimed that the US had been conducting “delicate” unofficial discussions with Kiev regarding concessions Ukraine would be willing to make in potential peace talks.

A State Department spokesperson denied the claims, while Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky repeated that his government would not negotiate unless Russia withdraws its troops from territory within Ukraine’s 1991 borders.

According to NBC, Western officials are increasingly concerned that Ukraine is “running out of forces,” and also harbor fears about their own ability to shore up Kiev with weapons shipments in the long run amid the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Media speculation has recently intensified after Ukraine failed to make any notable gains despite a months-long counteroffensive. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Kiev has lost more than 90,000 troops in the operation, which began in early June.

President Zelensky told Reuters in an interview this week Ukraine will not stop fighting Russia until it takes back all the territories it considers its own. Withdrawal of US support would hardly affect Kiev’s policies in this regard, he added.

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