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US says not to attend Moscow summit on Afghanistan

The United States has announced it will not join talks on Afghanistan to be hosted by Russia. The negotiations will include other key players, like China, Iran and Pakistan. The Taliban has also confirmed participation in Moscow consultations on Afghanistan.

Seoul says North fired ballistic missile towards Sea of Japan

South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff has confirmed the launch of a ballistic missile by the neighboring North towards the Sea of Japan on Tuesday. In September, Pyongyang conducted a series of new missile tests.

Nasrallah: Hezbollah has 100k armed fighters

Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has declared the movement has 100,000 armed, trained, and experienced fighters to defend Lebanon.

US special envoy to Afghanistan resigns

The Biden administration’s top envoy to Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, is leaving his post, the US State Department has confirmed. It comes less than two months after the US messy and deadly withdrawal from the war-torn country.

Russia halts diplomatic ties with NATO

Russia has announced the suspension of NATO information bureau in Moscow. The country says it will also halt the operations of its mission to NATO. It comes after the bloc expelled eight Russian diplomats for alleged ‘undisclosed espionage' at its Brussels headquarters.

Iran FM: Tehran returns to full nuclear compliance, if others do

The Iranian foreign minister says if parties to the Iran nuclear deal live up to their obligations fully under the JCPOA, Tehran will also return to fulfilling its commitments.
Tehran Still Ready to Mend Ties with Riyadh Despite ‘Foolish’ Moves

Expert: Yemen, Iran nuclear program, keys to Tehran-Riyadh ties

A Tehran-based university professor and researcher says to achieve peace in Iran-Saudi Arabia relations, it is necessary for the two countries to reach an agreement on the war in Yemen and Iran's nuclear program.

OIC chief: Afghanistan not a safe haven for terrorists

The secretary general of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation has warned about Afghanistan turning into a safe haven for terror groups like Daesh.

China rejects FT report about ‘hypersonic missile test’

Beijing has refuted a recent report by The Financial Times which says China tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile in August. China says it was a "routine test" for reusable space rocket technology.

Colin Powell, former US Secretary of State, dies of Covid

Colin Powell, former US Secretary of State under President George W. Bush, has died from coronavirus complications. He had pushed faulty intelligence before the United Nations (UN) to advocate for the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.