Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Book Distributed in Saudi Arabia on Suicide Operations

Saudi Arabian government has permitted the release of a book that encourages suicide attacks and terrorist operations.

According to Al-Hayat’s report, as covered by Jomhouri Eslami newspaper and translated by IFP, the Saudi government has permitted the release of a book that contains incentives for terroristic operations and suicide attacks.

The book has been issued indefinitely and without audit and entered Saudi Arabia’s book markets and libraries.

The book, entitled “A’maal al-Fadaeiyah” [acts of sacrifice], is focused on a variety of Wahhabi fatwas and views about suicide and criminal operations against whom they called apostates and infidels.

Sami al-Mahmoud, the book’s author, has referred to the fatwas and juridical opinions cited by hundreds of jurists. A special section of the book is allocated to the suicide operations committed by women.

In another part of the book, the author has tried to justify the targeting of civilians and innocent citizens and even journalists.

“The book is not devoid of deceptions and tricks, but the problem is how such a book has been allowed to enter the market and be supplied to libraries,” Mansour al-Naqeedan, the director of a research centre, said.

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