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Benefits of PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Certification Training

So, you are considering investing money, time, and effort in PRINCE2 Certification for launching your career in the field of project management. Projects in Controlled Environments, (PRINCE2) Foundation and Practitioner Certifications are one of the most sought-after project management certifications in the world.

There are several benefits for the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Certification Training. Some of these are obvious while others are not. In many cases, they are an employer’s requirement. In this article, we have listed the top ten benefits of taking the PRINCE2 Certification:

  • Improving your project management skills

The most obvious benefit of getting the PRINCE2 qualification is an improved project management skillset. When a professional goes through the PRINCE2 training, they are well-equipped for deploying and developing a project matter. During the training, you will be learning about the terminology, framework, methodology, procedures, and common systems that are used by project managers across the globe. When you have efficient project management skills, you will be able to plan, start, manage, execute, and monitor projects successfully. PRINCE2 professionals follow an alternative methodology for PMP. Having knowledge of PMP as well as PRINCE2 allows them to be more flexible and versatile.

  • PRINCE2 is a methodology, not an instruction manual

Unlike certifications like PMP, PRINCE2 is more focused on the set of Project Management principles than following an instruction book that is full of rigid rules. It is a technical reference guide explaining all the stages and process of a project along with the associated roles and responsibilities. It won’t be telling you how you should be micromanaging your tasks in the project. It can help you understand the principles and processes and how you can manage them. When you have an in-depth understanding of the PRINCE2, you will be able to tailor the processes to suit your needs and oversee all the projects effectively.

  • You will be able to start easy

While selecting a certification, there are several important factors you need to consider including the costs involved, the time required to study, and the disruption it will cause in your professional life. With PRINCE2, you have the advantage of starting off with the PRINCE2 Foundation exam only. This means that you don’t have to commit a high cost and a huge amount of training for getting a real project management certification. Also, during the PRINCE2 Foundation training, you will be given a complete overview of what you should expect if you decide to continue the qualification with PRINCE2 Practitioner certification. PRINCE2 Foundation certification makes launching a career in project management significantly easier.

  • You will get your certificate sooner than with most exams

As soon as you complete your training, you can take a public exam or with your training provider. There is no complicated, time-consuming registration process. Also, there is no audit process for your application like the PMP exam. So, you will be able to get your certification much earlier.

  • PRINCE2 Certified Professionals can earn a handsome package.

PRINCE2 certified project managers are some of the highest-paid IT professionals. On average, the annual salary of project managers can be $85,800.

  • PRINCE2 is a globally recognized certification

PRINCE2 qualification is globally recognized. It was developed under the UK government supervision in the public IT sector. Today, it has become the standard methodology for project management across the globe. Public, government, and private organizations all over the world have started implementing the methodology. Its popularity has continued to grow globally, including in Asia, USA, and Africa.

In 2009, AXELOS Ltd. the body with the rights to the PRINCE2 qualification, issued a white paper named “Using PRINCE2™ to Manage US Federal Government IT Projects’ ‘ for supporting the demand of PRINCE2 in US organizations. So, when you have this certification, you also have the option of taking work internationally.

  • The PRINCE2 Project Management works with many organizations

Unlike some project management certifications, the role of a project manager in PRINCE2 is not the highest and most important. PRINCE2 has clearly defined roles and responsibilities shared by professionals in the project organization. So, even though the Project Manager plays a key role in the success or failure of the project, he is not the only one responsible if things don’t go exactly as planned in a PRINCE2 project.

The roles and responsibilities shared in a PRINCE2 project support the success and reduce the chances of failure.

  • With PRINCE2 qualification, you won’t be bound to a single industry

PRINCE2 is a methodology for project management. This means that it is not tied to a specific organization or industry type. It can be used in projects of any scale, in any form of organization and industry. So, getting the PRINCE2 certification will allow you to expand the areas where you can work.

  • Everyone will be able to see the proof of your skills

With PRINCE2 certification, demonstrating the proof of your knowledge and skills will be very easy. All certification holders can be found in the official successful candidate register of PRINCE2 provided by the certification body APMG international. Anybody can check the register online. For example, during a job application process, you won’t have to send in copies of your PRINCE2 certificate. The online register will confirm that you have completed the exam successfully along with the date of the exam. All that is needed is your name and candidate number. If you want an employer or potential employer to see your PRINCE2 qualification, you can just send them your candidate number along with the link.

  • PRINCE2 certification can make it cheaper and easier to get other qualifications

PRINCE2 is an independent project management certification. But once you have it, you might be eligible for exemptions while studying for other certifications for project management.

Today, PRINCE2 certifications are considered necessary for the role of a project manager by several established companies. Candidates with the certification will be given preference over their non-certified counterparts. PRINCE2 is a globally recognized certification that will surely add an advantage to your CV.

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