Tuesday, September 27, 2022

80-year-old post graduate completes degree

An eighty-year-old Iranian post graduate university student has successfully completed a Masters of Arts degree at the Islamic Azad University.

Firooz Aghdamifar’s thesis appraisal session was held at the university’s Sciences & Research Branch on February 13 and the post-graduate student defended his dissertation on analysis of the translation of the first novel by French author Jean Daniel.

‘The main reason for me to continue studying at the university despite old age was getting familiar with techniques and methods used by translators in advanced countries,’ Aghdamifar said.

‘Instead of spending my time sitting on park benches during retirement years, I decided to make the maximum use of my free time and realize my dream,’ he added.

The eighty-year old student said that everybody should maintain his or her perseverance and remember that it is never too late to learn. One can even study at difficult majors like MBA.

‘My next goal is getting a PhD,’ he said.

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