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5 Fact to Make Singles’ Day Budget-Friendly

Singles Day, celebrated on 11th of November every year is a Chinese shopping season that has originated as an unofficial holiday for bachelors. 

The specific date of 11th November was chosen because the number “1” resembles “bare stick” which is a denotation for a lonely man with no significant others, and the four “1”s refers to the demographic group of single men.

Initially, it became popular as “Bachelors Day”. However, with due course of time it has been celebrated among both men and women, duly now called as “Singles’ Day”. 


The major recognition for this day has been as the largest offline and online shopping day in the world. It was started off as an opposition of Valentine’s Day. But, it further gained its own importance as singles in and around China serve this day as an occasion for single people to meet and for parties to be organized. This day remains a day of major importance for all the e-commerce sites as they encounter one of the biggest sales in the day and in the following week as well. 


Tips for healthy celebrations:


Many times during special occasions, we remain stranded due to our budget. Whether it is month-end, midway or over-expenditure trodden month, we get forced to sacrifice our special days.


Here, we bring to you the effective ways of spending less money on this Singles Day:


  • Do the homework beforehand: Any major work requires research, shopping needs to be planned and organized. All you need to do pre-plan things before the big day. By doing this, it will help you manage your shopping budget effectively without much discrepancies.


  • Make sure you have Alipay and WeChat Pay: Many Singles Day Deals are offered by the e-commerce sites for using digital payment applications for payment. These digital payment apps even provide the option of adding a foreign credit card such as – MasterCard and Visa, that can used in the platform.

  • Shopping Spree: Check for the offers provided by the shopping sites. Many e-commerce sites have been capitalising on the day after Alibaba Group began offering discounts of atleast 50 percent worldwide during this shopping festival. Sites like Sephora which is famous for selling beauty products such as cosmetics, skincare, fragrance and many more have been offering Sephora promo codes which could add to your cost-effective celebrations.


  • Friendly Parties: Singles Day brings together group of single friends and serve as an occasion to celebrate this special bond. Another measure taken can be organizing small friendly house parties with various foods along with some decorations and music. Instead, check for healthy offers on restaurants for a lunch party or a evening hangout for cutting short of much expense on big parties.


  • Meticulous Shopping: Singles would remain fond of buying gifts to and for themselves marking a sense of respect and happiness for themselves. Too much unprecedented shopping will counter attack on your fruitful enjoyment. Therefore, it is crucial to choose meticulously on the offered discounts. Shopee Promo Codes have been vastly used my consumers for setting and managing your budgets constructively.


Singles Day, which has efficaciously included both Bachelor’s party and Hens’ party, has become a new age commercial outbreak for both producers and consumers at the same time. With many new added products every year, fresh striking catchy Singles Day Deals has been prevalent for food, clothing, beauty products and many more luxury essentials. For the offline and online shopping enthusiasts, this has been a dominating Shopping festivity of the year.


It is also considered that Singles Day has been flooding with marriage ceremonies to suppress the over-pampered buzz of Singles Day. Around this corner of the year even many singles get married to show their win over their single life. To continue with promising needs and demands of this uniquely celebrated day, shopping sites like Shopee has been providing many Shopee promo codes for people Around Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Brazil and other South-east Asian countries.


As Singles day will be approaching soon in the following calendar year, take over the emphasised Couple goals to secure the presence of singles in the society and give them a happy living till the considered time.


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