12 hospitals and 32 medical centers “out of service” in Gaza: Palestinian health ministry

Twelve hospitals and 32 medical centers are now out of service after Israeli strikes and fuel depletion, the Palestinian health ministry in Gaza announced on Monday.

“Hospitals have lost their ability to treat [patients], and medical teams are treating the patients with very limited capabilities,” the Palestinian health ministry spokesperson Ashraf Al-Qudra stated.

Earlier on Monday, the Palestinian health ministry in Gaza reported that 5,087 people, including 2,055 children and 1,119 women, had been killed since October 7.

Israel has imposed a “full siege” on Gaza for over two weeks, cutting supplies of food, water, fuel and electricity to the 2.3m Palestinians living there. Human rights groups criticised the move as a form of collective punishment that may amount to a war crime.

Two small convoys of trucks entered Gaza from Egypt through Rafah crossing over the weekend, totaling 34 trucks.

However, human rights groups warned that much more is needed to remedy the catastrophe on the ground, where more than 2 million people are running out of drinking water, and risk starvation. Hospitals are facing severe supply shortages and, in some cases, have been forced to use ice cream trucks as morgues to manage overflow.

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