Yemen says Red Sea operations left significant economic impact on Israel

Spokesman for Yemen’s Ansarullah Mohammed Abdul-Salam has stressed the Yemeni army's military operations against the vessels owned by Israel or bound for the occupied Palestinian territories have taken a big toll on the regime's economy.

“Yemen’s operations have left a significant economic impact on the Israeli enemy,” Abdul-Salam said on Sunday.

Yemen’s Armed Forces have warned that they will target all the vessels that would use the country’s territorial waters in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea to reach Israeli ports.

The Yemeni army has also announced that its operations will continue as long as the Israeli regime keeps up its all-out aggression against the Gaza Strip and a concomitant siege that the regime has been imposing on the coastal territory remains in place.

Around 19,000 people have been killed in the Israeli regime’s onslaught on Gaza that began on October 7 following an operation by the territory’s resistance movements, dubbed Operation al-Aqsa Storm.

“All actions taken by the Yemeni Armed Forces are linked to lifting the siege of Gaza and halting the [Israeli] aggression against it,” Abdul-Salam stated.

“If you want to stop Yemen’s naval operations against the Israeli enemy, you must lift the blockade on Gaza, and food and medicine must be allowed in,” he added.

Several international shipping firms have already suspended transit through the Red Sea’s internationally important Bab al-Mandab strait, citing the potential of Yemeni attacks.

This has reportedly inflicted three billion dollars in damage on the Israeli economy by increasing the price of the goods that are imported to the occupied territories three times.

Stressing that “the Red Sea is safe except for ships associated with the Israeli enemy”, Abdul-Salam also praised a decision taken by a Chinese company to stop sending its ships to the occupying entity’s ports.

The Ansarullah official affirmed that Yemen’s stance on Palestine stems from religious, national, and moral principles, while describing Israel as a source of threat to the unity of Muslim nations.

“The Palestinian cause is not open to negotiation and we cannot accept what is happening to the people of Gaza,” he reiterated.

Abdul-Salam announced that “there is ongoing communication with influential countries with the goal of achieving [Yemen’s] stated objectives, including lifting the blockade of Gaza and stopping the aggression against it”.

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