Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Why People Want to Educate in Western Countries

Recently, there was a thread posted on Twitter regarding the number of children seeking asylum in Europe and unaccompanied by any adult. Most people blame it on real desperation of parents to give a better life to their children. Every parent in every country wants their children to have the best education and great opportunities in life, making any and every effort to make it a reality.

Here are a few reasons why parents want their child in western countries:


  1. Better educational opportunities: Universities in USA, Australia, and Europe provide a variety of educational opportunities that aren’t available back home. They provide a greater number of courses and a larger number of educational institutes providing quality education. Though, there are several universities and educational institutes in home countries, they are not so many in number. Students from OnlineAssignmentWriting rate USA and Australia to have the most educational opportunities.


  1. Better standard of Living– Cities in the West are consistently voted as one of the best to live in. There is no doubt about that, with the amenities and variety provided to the citizens; it will certainly be a good place to live. Also, the government and public houses offer a lot of help and policies to people which helps sustain a healthy lifestyle. Khinza, a middle eastern student working as an expert in TopAssignmentExperts opines, “We see people clamoring over chances to live in a Western country because the currency is much stronger and we find better quality in each aspect of life.”


  1. Better Job Opportunities– Most countries allow graduating students to apply for an 18-36 month working Visa. They could extend it based on the situation later; it helps people put the skills they have learned to good use in the same country they learned it from. Also, as compared to home countries, the pay is much better and even in part-time jobs. We all want to stay at a place where the future seems more secure, that is why you will find people clinging to the idea of moving abroad.


  1. A different culture– Not necessarily a good or bad thing; depending on your thinking, it can be either. A different culture allows us to take a peek into how people in other countries live. We might admire, loathe, love, disgust, or adapt to the culture we see. Tim from EssayWriter4U tell us, “Sometimes, a change in lifestyle helps us know what we are missing from back home or help us see that there are elements in other cultures that we could adapt to.”


  1. A different landscape– We like the infrastructure and climate of the Western countries. They are a change from the scorching heat of our countries and give us a chance to live in a different environment than we have all been used to. A different landscape means a different set of features of the country we get to. We might find it more beautiful than our countries or not, but change gives you more perspective in the end.
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