US senators seeking to expel of 300 Russian diplomats

17 Democratic and Republican US senators have called on the administration of President Joe Biden to consider expelling 300 Russian diplomats from the United States unless Moscow issues more diplomatic visas for the US embassy staff.

A bipartisan group of US senators asked Biden to take measures to increase the staff of the US Embassy in Moscow and, should Russia refuse that, to expel 300 Russian diplomats, according to a statement, published on Mark Rubio’s (R-Fla) website Tuesday.

According to the statement, Rubio, as well as other senators sent a letter to the US president, asking to “to take immediate action to increase staffing at the US embassy in Moscow and, if the Russian Government does not cooperate, to expel 300 Russian diplomats”.

Senators announced that “this disproportionality in diplomatic representation is unacceptable”.

US senators who demand Biden expel 300 Russian diplomats if Moscow refuses to expand the US embassy staff obviously want all US diplomatic missions in Russia to be closed, a Russian foreign ministry official told TASS on Tuesday.

“Those who call for such a step obviously want American diplomatic missions in Russia to be closed. They should understand that the responsibility for it will rest on them,” the official stressed.

Apart from that, the ministry official noted, that Russia doesn’t have that many diplomats in Washington.

“Or, maybe, lacking any knowledge in international relations, the senators counted Russian diplomatic personnel working at the permanent mission to the United Nations,” he added.

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