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The latest news, views and photos of Qeshm; the largest island of Iran in the Persian Gulf.

The top attractions to visit in Qeshm include: Chahkooh Canyon, Valley of Stars, Aali Mohammad Valley, Hengam Island, Naz Island, Mangrove “Hara” Forestsof,  Namakdan Salt Cave, Kharbas Caves, Tala Water Wells, Tomsenati’s Bogh-e Pir shrine, and Qeshm Island’s Geo-park Museum.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Chahkouh Canyon

Qeshm Island in southern Iran has dazzling tourist attractions that can blow visitors away.

Iran to Establish Four Space Tourism Parks

An Iranian official says the country plans to establish four space tourism parks in the desert cities of Kashan, Damghan, Qeshm and Kerman to further promote the tourist attractions of these cities.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Valley of Stars on Qeshm Island

Residents in southern Iran believe that the Valley of Stars on Qeshm Island has been named after the falling of a star centuries ago.

Fishermen’s New Year; The Day When No Fish Is Caught

Nowruz-e Sayyad, meaning the Fishermen’s New Year, is one of the oldest traditions of people in Qeshm Island, southern Iran, which dates back to more than six hundred years ago.

Iran’s Lovely Beaches in Photos

Iran has the Caspian Sea on its northern boundaries and the Persian Gulf on its southern boundaries, and each of these coastlines has its own beauties.

Qeshm Island Named as Centre for Development of Global Geoparks by...

The United Nations’ Educational, Cultural, and Scientific Organization (UNESCO) is to officially name Iran’s Qeshm Island as a reference for other countries on the development of geoparks.

Iran’s Qeshm Island Hosts 2nd Int’l Marathon Contest

The 2nd edition of an international marathon contest has been held in Iran's Qeshm Island, on the coasts of the Persian Gulf, with the participation of 348 runners from five countries.

Iran Issuing E-Visas for Nationals of 180 Countries

Iran’s deputy foreign minister says the nationals of 180 countries in the world can receive their visas in the southern Iranian island of Qeshm within just 20 minutes.

Old Islamic Rite Bringing Together Iranian Shiites, Sunnis

‘Carrying the Sword Alam’ is among old Islamic rituals in Iran whose performance provides the country’s Shiite and Sunni populations with a chance to come together regardless of their religious differences.

Story of Lonely Man Who Lives in Darkness

Issa, an Iranian visually challenged man, thinks the whole town is blind as no one cares about him.