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The latest news and views about Iran’s Qazvin province

Qazvin Gardens Play Significant Role in Containing Flood

The gardens of Qazvin province in north-west of Tehran have played a major role in containing the recent devastating floods that hit almost all parts of Iran, leaving over 76 people dead.

Doimaj; Traditional Iranian Snack for Summer Time

Doimaj, also known as Dogmaj, is a common traditional snack which people in some Iranian provinces eat during the warm seasons.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Chehel Sotoun Edifice

Chehel Sotoun, also known as Kolah Farangi, is the only remnant of royal palaces built by the Safavid king Shah Tahmasb in the Iranian city of Qazvin.
Families of Foreign Diplomats Visit Historic Sites of Iran’s Qazvin

Families of Foreign Diplomats Visit Historic Sites of Iran’s Qazvin

A delegation comprising wives of foreign diplomats residing in Iran has visited historic attractions in Qazvin Province Sunday.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Ovan Lake

Ovan Lake is a small alpine lake in Alamut region of Alborz mountain range in the Iranian province Qazvin.

Iran’s Qazvin Hosts Kite Festival

The city of Qazvin in northwestern Iran recently hosted a festival of kite flying on the occasion of National Day of Qazvin.
Sa’d al-Saltaneh

Depths of History in World’s Biggest Urban Caravanserai

The 135-year-old Caravanserai of Sa’d al-Saltaneh is the world’s biggest urban caravanserai located in Iranian city of Qazvin.

Beauty of Autumn in Iran’s Qazvin Province

Located in northwest of Iran, Qazvin Province is home to beautiful forests and picturesque gardens. Qazvin’s trees are worth seeing in autumn.

Silk Road Motocross Cup

45 drivers took part on Qazvin’s Barajin track in the Silk Road Motocross competitions, which were held on Saturday May 28.    

Sa’ad-ul-Saltaneh lnn (PHOTOS)

Sa’ad-ul-Saltaneh lnn, part of Sa’ad-ul-Saltaneh House, is located in the central province of Qazvin. It is well-known as being one of the broadest and most complete traditional homes in the world. It is one of very...

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