Putin says NATO seeking to go beyond its geographical boundaries, violating own doctrines

NATO aspires to expand its geographical boundaries, including into Asia, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said.

“We are watching certain countries’ attempts to expand their zone of influence. What is more, the North Atlantic Alliance, strangely enough, is attempting to go beyond the geographical boundaries of its operation, in breach of its own doctrinal documents,” the Russian president stated at a meeting with Zhang Youxia, Vice Chairman of China’s Central Military Commission (CMC).

In the Russian leader’s opinion, “the United States is dragging all of its allies further into orchestrating a tense situation in the Asia-Pacific Region, by trying to establish new military and political alliances there, including with regional nations.”

The Russian president emphasized that the US “is guided by its own selfish interests here.”

Putin stated that Moscow and Beijing were tempering their response to Washington’s attempts to set up military and political blocs in Asia.

“We see all this and alongside our friends – including, first and foremost, the People’s Republic of China – are responding in a calm and balanced manner, bolstering our defense capabilities, including through joint naval and air exercises,” the Russian president assured.

Putin specified that such exercises are conducted regularly.

“The level of our cooperation is constantly rising,” Putin stated.

The Russian president is convinced that the consultations between the vice chairman of China’s Central Military Commission and the Russian Defense Ministry “will be useful and will definitely contribute to enhancing collaboration in this crucial area for our countries.”

Earlier, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu held talks with Zhang Youxia. Shoigu pointed out that bilateral military relations are developing steadily, but this cooperation is not directed against third countries and is carried out solely to meet each other’s interests.

Putin also said military contacts between Russia and China are reaching a new level, as high-tech fields, including space and modern weapons, are being prioritized.

“Of course, our cooperation, our contacts in the military sphere …here, of course, our work in high-tech areas comes first, meaning space, including high-orbit groupings, meaning modern and promising types of weapons, which will certainly ensure… the security of both Russia and China,” Putin stated during the meeting, adding that interaction between Moscow and Beijing is a “stabilizing factor” for the global security.

The president stressed that joint military drills are conducted on the regular basis, and the level of cooperation is “increasing.”

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