Palestine media office: At least 371 massacres committed by Israel since start of Gaza war

Palestine’s government media office issued a statement, saying that since the beginning of the war, Israel has committed at least 371 massacres against Palestinian families, who have had their homes bombed while they were still inside, without warning.

The statement noted that the majority of deaths in the besieged enclave were children and women.

“Some families such as the Radwan’s have lost three members, while others such as the Al Najjar have lost 42. Some families have been completely erased, which has happened to the al-Shahab and al-Najjar families,” the statement added.

“This large number of massacres in such a short period of time shows the extent of the brutality and criminality of the Israeli occupation and the intensity of the shelling in residential neighbourhoods.”

The death toll from Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip in Palestine has reached over 2,800 as the Tel Aviv regime keeps bombing the defenseless civilian population in the besieged territory.

Figures provided by the media government office in Gaza said that women and children had accounted for nearly 64% of the fatalities from Israeli attacks on Gaza.

In Gaza, 2,808 were killed in Israeli air strikes. They include at least 724 children and 458 women. An additional 10,859 have been wounded, including at least 2,000 children and 1,400 women

In the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, at least 56 have been killed by Israeli soldiers and troops. They include at least 17 children and one woman. An additional 1,200 have been wounded.

Israeli assaults on Gaza, a besieged territory on the Mediterranean which is home to 2.3 million people, began after the Gaza-based resistance movement Hamas launched multi-pronged attacks on settlers and military forces in the Israeli-occupied territories of Palestine.

The Hamas operation against the Israelis, dubbed the Al- Asqa Storm, came amid growing violence against the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and after Israeli extremists desecrated al-Asqa Mosque in the occupied city of al-Quds on multiple occasions.

Estimates show that more than 1,400 Israelis, many of them military forces, were killed in the unprecedented operation launched by Hamas against Israel.

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