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Oracle Certifications: Know Your Worth and Seize Best Opportunities with Exam Dumps

If today’s economy is centered on data, what does it mean to future database administrators? For many companies, data is the driving force behind their existence. This means the role of knowledgeable database administrators is important today like never before.

Considering the fact database administrators are some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the modern-day IT industry, it’s fair to say that they are also one of the most underrated professionals.

But even with their deep knowledge and ability to manipulate data, keeping pace with the latest technologies still requires constant learning.

As the Oracle Autonomous Database changes the IT landscape by slowly replacing the formerly manual database administration tasks such as configuration and tuning, DBAs have an even better opportunity to flex their technology muscles.

So, what exactly does it take to become Oracle certified? Is it really one of the best database management platforms? And what does the future hold for the Oracle certified cloud professionals?

Here’s everything you may need to know about the Oracle certification program and why it still matters in 2020.

Which are the Oracle Certification Levels?

Oracle credentials are classified into 2 groups including Oracle Cloud and Oracle Software/Hardware path.

The Visit Vendors Cloud certifications are meant to validate a candidate’s knowledge of the cloud platforms and services and they include Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, PaaS, SaaS-CX, SaaS-EPM, SaaS-ERP, SaaS-HCM, and SaaS-SCM.

The Oracle Software/Hardware training program, on the other hand, covers 9 major domains including Applications, Database, Enterprise Management, Java and Dev Tech, Middleware, Business Intelligence, Industries, Operating Systems, Systems and Virtualization.

Being a reputable IT vendor, Oracle offers credentials for candidates with different skill levels, thus they opt for junior associate, associate, professional, master, specialist, and expert.

What Exactly is Oracle Well-Known for?

Oracle is renowned for its database software, a relational database management system that’s used by many companies and organizations across the globe. With its advanced features and functionalities, Oracle is with no doubt one of the most popular database management systems around the world.

Its outstanding features also make it one of the leading database management platforms in the software field. In addition, it is also popular for its computer systems and useful software such as Java and Solaris.

Choosing Oracle comes with plenty of benefits including improved market presence, cursor support, multi-database support, improved performance, and backup and data recovery.

What Programming Language is Important for Oracle Training?

Oracle gives candidates the freedom to choose a programming language of their choice when working toward their credentials. It should be noted that the entire database functionality is available in all programming languages.

This implies that the Oracle Database developers can choose from any of the following programming languages; Java, C++, C, PL/SQL, Visual Basic, and COBOL.

Also, it is worth noting that unlike many database platforms, Oracle is easy to learn and understand.

You can get your way with Oracle as long as you have a clear understanding of SQL or Linux.

Are the Oracle Cloud Certifications in Demand?

As many organizations recognize the desire to use cloud platforms and technologies in their daily operations, stating that the Oracle Cloud certifications are in high demand would be a correct guess.

Cloud computing skills are becoming increasingly important in the modern tech industry. And a combination of the relevant cloud knowledge and the required experience is even more important.

If there’s one in demand Oracle Cloud certification today, it is the Oracle Applications and Cloud certifications. These are the latest Oracle credentials that cover Java Cloud in addition to other interesting and important Oracle Cloud programs.

How Can I Become Oracle Certified?

It’s highly recommended that you must have gained some IT knowledge before registering for your Oracle certification training.

Depending on your experience level and the credential you wish to pursue, you may take up to 3 courses when working toward an Oracle certification.

Let’s say you are pursuing the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), for instance, you will start by attaining an Associate level credential before enrolling into 3 training courses. After this, you will need to pass one exam to become OCP certified.

How Much Can I Make as an Oracle Certified IT Professional?

An Oracle Certified Associate can expect an average salary of $81 000 on a yearly basis according to the website. A certified professional, on the other hand, can earn an average annual salary of $90 000. Finally, Oracle Application Database Administrators earn up to $127 000 per year.

How Can Help You Ace Your Oracle Exam?

Attaining the Oracle certifications has never been easier. now offers real and updated study materials for any Oracle exam of your choice. Whether you are treading the Java certification path or the Database domain, sieve through your training options to give your career prospects a huge boost.

On the PrepAway website, you can find both free and paid exam dumps. These files are uploaded by recent test-takers and include questions with answers from previous exams. Premium files from this web resource are verified by IT professionals, which means that they are actual and reliable. All the dumps available here are provided in the ete format and should be opened with the ETE Player designed by Vumingo team to represent the real test environment. Thus, you will be less stressed at the assessment itself and can concentrate on the questions, not on the exam structure and specificities.

Along with exam dumps, PrepAway offers training courses, and study guides. All these options will contribute greatly to your prep process.


Ever wanted to become a database administrator? 2020 is the year to scale your skills and steer your company and projects in the right direction. In today’s digital age, a database professional should not only manage a database platform but also use their knowledge and skills to secure other management tools. And in Oracle certifications, you have everything you may need to stay on par with the latest trends. So it’s time to choose the most relevant credential, get prepared with the help of reliable exam dumps and expand your career prospects!

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