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Opening of EU Office in Tehran: Good News for Iranians

The European Union's Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini announced on a recent visit to Tehran that the EU plans to open a permanent office in the Iranian capital in the near future. This move by the European bloc can be described as a great development for Iran. Asr-e Iran news website explains why the upcoming opening of an EU office in Iran is a good piece of news for a nation after the end of Western-imposed sanctions, as per the recent nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers.

One of the issues raised in Mogherini’s recent visit to Tehran was the opening of an EU office in Tehran.

In a joint press conference with the EU foreign policy chief on Saturday, April 16, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that the two sides had conferred on preparing the grounds for the opening of a permanent office.

The EU has 28 member states, more than 500 million citizens, and a GDP of $18.4 trillion (2014). Therefore, the opening of such an office in Tehran can be considered a beneficial and useful development for the Iranian nation.

This would lead to the following results:

Iran and the EU would be able to improve the level of their cooperation in different economic, political, social, and cultural fields. Such promotion would benefit the Iranian nation and government, as well as the EU member states, people, and institutions.

Iran is faced with a global wave of Iranophobia. Unfortunately, there are many outlets in the world actively spreading propaganda to distort the developments in Iran. They are constantly trying to deny or misrepresent positive events in the country, including the elections, the improvement of human rights conditions, and the reinforcement of civil society.

Once the EU opens its office in Tehran, it can directly monitor the positive developments in Iran and Iranian society. This way, the European body can observe the good, positive events in the country, regardless of any false claims and anti-Iranian propaganda spread by foreign-based opposition groups and those aiming to overthrow the Iranian Establishment.

It can thus be predicted that such groups, particularly the MKO (Mojahedin-e-Khalq Organization), would be the strongest opponents of EU’s decision to open its office in Tehran. If that happens, the real Iran would be shown to the world, and thereafter, opposition groups would not be able to present their own wishes and fantasies to European officials, the European Parliament, and the EU member states as the realities of Iran.

 The opening of the EU office in Tehran would also enhance economic cooperation between Iran and EU economic commissions.

Today, many European and non-European countries manage their economic activities within the framework of recommendations, suggestions, and standards provided by the EU.

An EU office in Tehran would make Iran more familiar with up-to-date standards, particularly those of the EU. This would improve economic collaboration between Iranians and Europeans. As a result, Iran would be able to boost its capabilities and expand its economic cooperation with other international blocs and countries.

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