Tuesday, October 4, 2022

No one benefits from war

In Aug. 8, 1998, the news broke out of death of 8 Iranian diplomats. Few days later, death of two more diplomats and a journalist was confirmed and finally when an Iranian diplomat returned from Mazar Sharif, the tragic story of killings of Iranian diplomats in the hands of Taliban came to an end.

The tragedy that took place in Mezar Sharif, due to various reasons was somehow disregarded up until last year’s Fajr Film Festival when a film depicting that tragedy was debuted.

Abdulhossein Barzideh, wrote the story of massacre and turned it to a movie so that a tragedy in this scale not to be thrown at oblivion.

This film has a striking message which says” no one benefits from war”. Those who have not the chance to see the film on the silver screen, now can watch it on their own TV screen.

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