Mursi Remembered as Egypt’s Only Democratically-Elected Leader

Mohamed Mursi, the candidate from the Muslim Brotherhood, was declared the winner of the Egyptian presidential election in 2012 / Photo by European Press Photo Agency

Mohamed Mursi, the first and last elected president of Egypt, came to power through popular elections, but was not lucky enough to retain the position and was sacked in a coup, imprisoned for years, and finally died in court at the age of 68.

Mohamed Mursi came to power as a result of a Twitter and Facebook revolution or what some call the Arab Spring or Islamic Awakening.

He replaced dictators who for decades ruled over the Egyptian people, and some called him a Moses who took the place of Pharaoh.

His legitimate democratic government did not last for more than a year, however, and the military once again dismissed him by a coup on the pretext of defending the rights of the people who opposed him.

Mohamed Mursi was not an ideal president, writes Mohammad-Reza Norouzpour in an article for Khabar Online.

“He made a lot of mistakes. His domestic and foreign policy was not defendable. When he took the majority of people to the polls to support the Islamists, it was a bad test and he blamed it on the Islamists,” he added.

“But one thing is certain. Through him the Egyptian people once and for all enjoyed the taste of democracy, albeit acrid and premature.”

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