Moscow plans ‘response’ to contain ‘serious threat’ from NATO: Kremlin

Russia is planning "response measures" to contain the "very serious threat" from NATO, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has stated.

Peskov stressed on Thursday that the Western military alliance, which is holding a summit in Washington this week, was now “fully involved in the conflict over Ukraine”.

Documents signed at the recent NATO summit in the United States show that the West is not supporting a dialogue and the alliance itself is an instrument of confrontation, he stated.

“We see that our opponents in Europe and in the United States are not in favor of a dialogue,” Peskov noted.

“Judging by the documents signed at the NATO summit, they are not supporters of peace,” the Kremlin spokesman continued, adding that “the North Atlantic Alliance is an instrument for confrontation and not a tool for security provision”.

NATO members agreed at a summit in Washington to provide 40 billion euros of military aid to Ukraine in 2025, according to a summit declaration.

The declaration stated that NATO affirmed its determination to support Ukraine in building a force that’s allegedly capable of defeating Russia today and deterring it in the future.

“To that end, we intend to provide a minimum baseline funding of 40 billion euros within the next year, and to provide sustainable levels of security assistance for Ukraine to prevail, taking into account Ukraine’s needs, our respective national budget procedures, and the bilateral security agreements, which allies have concluded with Ukraine,” the declaration said.

“Heads of state and government will re-evaluate allied contributions at future NATO summits, starting at the 2025 NATO Summit in The Hague.”

“To support fair burden-sharing, Allies will aim to meet this pledge through proportional contributions, including by taking into account their share of Alliance GDP,” it noted.

Along with military support, the NATO member countries “intend to continue providing political, economic, financial, and humanitarian support to Ukraine,” the declaration emphasized.

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