Saturday, December 2, 2023

Israeli air raids near Syria’s Deir Ezzor leaves two soldiers wounded

Two Syrian soldiers were injured following an Israeli strike on and area close to Deir Ezzor late Monday night, Syrian state media reported on Tuesday.

The attack on military posts in Syria’s eastern Deir Ezzor region represent a departure from previous Israeli actions in Syria, which had largely concentrated on Damascus and Aleppo.

Syria’s state news agency SANA, quoting a military sources, said the latest attack occurred just before midnight on Monday.

“The Israeli enemy carried out an aerial act of aggression on a number of Syrian armed forces’ positions in the vicinity of Deir Ezzor,” SANA reported.

The attack comes just two days after a suspected Israeli attack near Damascus targetting an alleged Iranian shipment of weapons making its way to Lebanon.

Over the course of the year Israeli strikes in Syria have mainly targetted Aleppo International Airport and the airport in the Syrian capital of Damascus.

The raids mostly target the positions of Syria’s allies that have been aiding the country in its battle against foreign-sponsored terror groups.

Damascus has repeatedly complained to the United Nations over the Israeli assaults, urging the United Nations Security Council to take action against Tel Aviv’s crimes. Its demands, however, have fallen on deaf ears.

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