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Is Online Dating Suitable for Long-Term Relationships?

Online dating is transforming relationships for good. Many from the old generation find this fusion of romance and technology confusing, and consider it as a means to cheat on their partner.

They believe that it is destroying the base for building a long-term relationship. But in reality, the picture is different. Here are a few reasons why long-term relationships can still exist in the modern era of online dating:


The option to fall for the perfect one

Online dating apps are not killing the romance between two lovers. It is giving them an option to choose who they think is best in their life. According to recent reports, over 10% of adults in Paris are using online dating apps, and more than 40% are searching for their life partner in these platforms. Apps like LoveSita use a unique algorithm to find a match that shares similar characteristics between two people.

So, instead of being unsure of how the person is, you are already guided by a profile bio of your interests. This leads to finding suitable matches, and if the two like each other, the chances of a long-term relationship increase because they already know their personality traits.

Suppose you are looking for a dress online. You will shortlist your choices according to your favorite color and design of the dress you want. Your search will not be random and it takes less time to find the correct dress. The same concept applies to online dating. The app shortlists many potential matches according to your profile bio; you choose the profiles you like and the ones you don’t. If the ones you like also like you back, you got a match.

The chances are that there will be more than a single match, and that’s okay. This list works well in your favor. Once you have a final list of people you like, you can chat through the app and find the most suitable partner. Just because there are multiple matches and you are chatting with several people simultaneously doesn’t make you a cheater. This is how modern dating works. You keep searching for the right one until you stumble across that person with whom you have a deep emotional connection.


Spark a new romance

Traditional dating or marriage revolves around the idea that romantic love leads to a successful marriage that lasts forever. It ignores the possibility that romantic passion may dissolve over time. The duration of romance between couples tends to vary, but this doesn’t mean true love can’t last forever.

So, if the love wears down, and the romance shatters, what is the use of being in a relationship? There is no rule to keep it going, stretching it to a point where both of you are tired, and it hits a point where there is no returning from it. Instead, make the most of online dating sites and apps. If you are searching for true love, these out-of-the-box options may be the perfect solution. All you have to do is keep trying and not complain about your failed relationships in the past.

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