IRGC arrests ringleaders of anti-Iran group

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has detained the main ringleaders of a group acting against the country’s security near Tehran.

The IRGC’s Imam Hassan Mojtaba base in Alborz Province announced in a statement on Saturday that its forces had taken into custody the ringleaders of the so-called White Uprising Movement, who had extensively planned to disrupt public security and order, carry out acts of sabotage, and create riots in the province and the country.

They distributed night letters in the streets, deceived some naive people and hired thugs to implement their schemes, it further said.

“From the beginning, all their actions and movements were monitored thanks to the vigilance of intelligence and security forces, and in a timely and revolutionary action, they were arrested and sent to prison during a complex operation by the unknown soldiers of Imam Hassan Mojtaba base,” the statement read.

“All elements affiliated to the White Uprising have been identified by the province’s intelligence community, and the movements of dissident groups are being closely monitored,” it added.

The statement underlined that the security of the people is the IRGC forces’ redline and that they will spare no efforts to maintain tranquility.

Security and intelligence forces in Iran dismantled 78 gangs in the first 6 months of the current Iranian year (started on March 21) which smuggled weapons and ammunition to the country.

During the operations, 2,170 weapons, including 473 guns, 685 hunting weapons, 782 small arms and 230 other types of weapons were discovered and 201 people were arrested and handed over to the judicial authority.

In the latest related development in September, the Iranian intelligence forces confiscated a weapons cargo in Khuzestan province, Southwestern Iran.

Iranian security forces identified and dismantled an anti-security group in Southwestern Iran.

Dozens of weapons were seized in the operations which was carried out in the Southwestern border region of Khuzestan Province, Southwestern Iran.

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