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Iran’s junior wrestling team ranks first in world championships

Iran's junior Greco-Roman wrestling team was crowned at the Turkish World Championships after winning 1 gold medal, 1 silver medal and 2 bronze medals.

The world championship junior wrestling competitions was held on July 31-August 2 in Istanbul, and at the end the Iranian team became champion by winning a gold medal by Payam Ahmadi in 48 kg weight category, a silver medal by Ahmadreza Mohammadian in 71 kg weight category, and 2 bronze medals by Alireza Amiri in 45 kg weight and Amirhossein in 110 kg categories.

In the team ranking, Iran became the champion with 113 points, and Azerbaijan with 108 and Georgia with 96 points became second and third, respectively.

President Ebrahim Raisi in a message congratulated the championship of Iran’s junior Greco-Roman wrestling team.

“I congratulate the champion-loving people of Iran on the honor and championship of our country’s national youth wrestling team in the world championships of Turkey and the hoisting of the holy flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” President Raisi said.

He pointed out that undoubtedly, the continuous success of Iranian youth in various international competitions shows the talent and capabilities of the children of this border and region, and it is appropriate to witness their continued success in other sport fields with increased support.

“I am sincerely grateful to all the wrestlers with zeal, coaches and everyone involved in this team and I wish them all more and more success,” the Iranian president added.

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