Iran’s Gas Exports to Turkey Increased by 11%


Iran has exported 1.8bn cubic metres of natural gas to neighbouring Turkey since March 20, up 11% year-on-year, said a National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) official.

The caretaker manager of the Dispatching Department of the NIGC told Shana that Iran has been sending an average of 21.5 mcm/d of gas to Turkey since the beginning of the current Iranian calendar year on March 20.

Abdolreza Ebrahimian said that the injection of gas to oil reserves has reached 4.540 bcm during the said period, which is a considerable boost from a year ago, and 0.5bn cubic meters higher than the envisaged volumes.

He also said 551 mcm of gas is being recovered from the gas reserves of the country on a daily basis, which is 5% higher than the same period last year.

The household sector consumed a daily amount of 196 mcm/d over these 86 days, 9% higher year-over-year. The power sector also consumed 172 mcm/d during the same period and the industrial sector consumed 98 mcm/d of gas during spring.

Furthermore, NIGC supplied 95% of the fuel consumed by power plants as gas.

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