Sunday, December 4, 2022

Iran among the safest countries for investment

First deputy- President has said Iran is one of the safest countries for petrochemical investments.

Eshaq Jahangiri made the remarks in the international petrochemical conference underway now in Tehran.

He told the meeting that Islamic Republic of Iran spares no efforts to support the private sector inside the country and overseas.

Jahangiri added that “the ‘prudence and hope’ cabinet seeks different ways to boost public welfare. The 11th cabinet aims at increasing job opportunities for the educated and to make fixed economic conditions.”

“Constructive  cooperation with international  economy to use better opportunities like important technologies and markets, and financial sources are among the 11th  cabinet agendas,” maintained Jahangiri and that “the government tries to increase trusts in the country’s economy for economic activities.”

Deputy-President pointed to the fact that Iran had 11 per cent of in-place oil reserves and 17 percent of gas reserves in the world to be the top oil and gas country.  “Iran will be one of the largest energy producers in the future and the energy sources Iran would produce energy requirements of decades especially for petrochemical industry and Iran’s future will be those participating in today’s development plans,” deputy-President said.

He added that Iran’s petrochemical industries enjoys specific economic advantages for its experts, access to international waters and rises in  domestic demands for petrochemical products.

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