Thursday, December 1, 2022

IAF Plans ‘$130 Art Sale’

The Institute for Promotion of Contemporary Visual Art will soon hold a ‘$130 Art Sale’ in mid-September at the Iranian Artists’ Forum (IAF) in Tehran.

The event will provide an occasion for art lovers to buy works of art at a fixed price of $130 per piece, Honaronline quoted the auction secretary, Jamshid Haqiqat-Shanas, as saying. The large number of art enthusiasts in the country have always been patrons of Iranian culture and art. “They deserve access to artworks at low prices,” he said.

The price tags were fixed after taking the average purchasing power of the people, and artists invited to participate have welcomed the idea.

“The auction will put on sale artworks both by veteran artists as well as the less-seen or known artists so as to introduce them to the public. Artists interested in the auction can submit their applications to participate in the event.”

The artworks will include items in all visual art branches, including painting, volume art, calligraphy and calligram. “Time adds value to artworks and besides, people can help promote the culture of buying artworks and getting familiar with talented artists,” he noted.

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