Saturday, November 26, 2022

The gum-chewing that set tongues wagging

An Iranian diplomat's gum chewing has elicited derisive comments and reactions from Iranian Internet users.

Jomhouri Islami, a daily, has denounced as undiplomatic the gum-chewing of a diplomat accompanying Iran’s representative to the United Nations. The official’s manners became a target for the daily’s ridicule after he was shown chewing gum in a news bulletin on Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.

Alef, a news website, also filed a concise report on the controversial gum chewing on December 22. What prompted IFP to translate the Alef report were the comments that the viewers of the website posted in reaction to the news. The following is the translation of a dozen of such comments:

  • Chewing gum can partially relieve indigestion. It can even help those who suffer from bad breath! I don’t know much about this case, but in some cases chewing gum is prescribed by doctors.
  • The Government of Prudence and Hope and its foreign minister are champions of diplomacy; take it easy!
  • My dear friend, it has always been wrong to point a finger of blame at someone for someone else’s wrongdoing. I want to ask you a question: if your child takes a misstep, is it right for others to blame his mistake on you?
  • It’s no big deal, it’s much better than the government that ushered in inflation and high costs of living; the government whose diplomacy prompted the world nations to turn their backs on Iran!
  • At present, we are not at the pinnacle of dignity either. Prices are not falling, nor does our envoy to the UN deliver glorious speeches on a daily basis!
  • The diplomat that represented the government you favor [Ahmadinejad’s] went to a swimming pool [abroad] full of men and women.
  • They were probably rooted in cultural differences!
  • Gum could be chewed in the presence of the enemy to lampoon them!
  • As long as they don’t bring sanctions on the nation, chewing gum would be much better than discussing pointless philosophical matters in official meetings and bringing about sanctions on Iran.
  • Where did they poach this guy to be sent to the United Nations?!
  • They [officials] must have wanted to denounce [UN] resolutions as “worthless torn pieces of papers”. Of course how biting the resolutions are becomes clear later!
  • Chewing gum at official meetings by officials is a sign of bad manners. Politicians and their associates should be taught by experts in social and political etiquette. Such training is offered in America and Europe.
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