Friday, October 7, 2022

Foreign Ministry Denies Rumours about Presenting New Ambassador to France

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson dismissed as ‘utterly false’ rumours circulating on social media that Iran had introduced a new envoy to France, who was rejected.

Hossein Jaberi Ansari stressed on Sunday May 8 that the Islamic Republic of Iran has not introduced any new ambassador to France and that all the news and speculations around this rumour have been circulated on social media with ‘specific intentions’.

The Iranian diplomat maintained that this type of news falls within the official remit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and would be released to the media [from this official source], therefore any other speculations are not to be trusted.

Jaberi Ansari called on users active on social media to avoid undermining the country’s foreign policy with their own ‘particular domestic goals’. He suggested that, before circulating such news, people should first confirm it with the Centre for Public and Media Diplomacy, as the official authority within the Foreign Ministry in charge of releasing this type of news.

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