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Iran Congratulates Venezuela on Independence Day

President of Iran congratulated Venezuela on the anniversary of the Latin American nation’s 1811 independence, saying Tehran eyes closer friendship and enhanced cooperation with Caracas.

Interaction, US Trick to Make Inroads into Iran: Official

The representative of Iran’s Leader at the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), Ali Saeedi, says the US is using interaction as a trick to infiltrate into the Islamic Republic.
How US Media Cover Same Tragedies in Opposite Ways

How US Media Cover Same Tragedies in Opposite Ways

A political commentator has weighed in on the US double standards in reaction to two similar tragic incidents: the USSR’s shoot-down of a Korean airliner, and the US downing of an Iranian passenger plane.
South Pars gas

US Losing Iran’s Energy Market to European Firms

While the French oil giant Total just signed a huge gas deal with Iran, American companies are deprived of Iran’s lucrative oil and gas market due to the restrictions imposed by the US administration.

Travel Ban Not to Keep Terrorists Out of US: Iran’s Larijani

Iranian parliament speaker says the travel ban imposed by US President Donald Trump is unlikely to prevent the terrorists from entering the US as they seldom use their real identities for travelling to their target countries.

Iran Raps US Supreme Court Decision on Trump’s Travel Ban

Iranian Foreign Ministry has strongly condemned the ‘discriminatory’ decision by the Supreme Court of the United States to partially lift blocks on Trump’s travel ban that prevents all entries from six majority-Muslim countries.
Muslim ban

‘Bigoted’ Muslim Ban Not to Make US Safer: Iran FM

Iranian foreign minister says the ban US President Donald Trump has imposed on Muslim people is a ‘bigoted’ policy and will not make the US a safer place.

Iran Calls for Further Unity among World’s Independent States

Iranian president says independent countries should try to coordinate their stances towards international developments.
Bahram Qassemi

Iran Denounces New US Bans on Cuba

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman has slammed Washington for imposition of new bans and restrictions on Cuba.

Iran Summons Swiss Envoy to Protest Tillerson’s Claims

The Swiss charge d’affaires to Tehran, whose country represents the US diplomatic interests in Iran, has been summoned to the Iranian foreign ministry over Washington’s “meddlesome” remarks against the Islamic Republic.

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