Friday, December 2, 2022

Bin Salman to Replace Saudi King in Coming Days: Saudi Activist

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman will step down in favour of his son Mohammad in the next couple of days, said a Saudi Arabian activist who is known for disclosing secrets of the Saudi royal house.

The activist known as Mujtahid revealed in a post in his Twitter account that bin Salman who just recently was elevated to the crown prince will take office as Saudi Arabia’s new king in the coming days.

In his tweet, the activist also cited the elevation of bin Salman as the beginning of the collapse of the Saudi family and said the recent diplomatic crisis between Saudi Arabia and Qatar forced the Saudi king to remove Mohammad bin Nayef, his crown prince, and replace him with his own son bin Salman.

“The Saudi king was sure that bin Nayef is too weak to resist his removal as crown prince,” he said, adding there are deep concerns among the Saudi family that there would be mass arrests of princes in the near future.

With creating the hashtag “Mohammad bin Salman Coup”, Mujtahid also said the king’s recent decision to remove bin Nayef has sparked harsh outrage among the Saudi family members.

He added it’s not clear yet if there would be any act of defiance or not.

According to Mujtahid, US President Donald Trump was aware of the changes in Saudi Arabia’s politics, but the European countries, particularly Germany, were kept in the dark.

Earlier this week, in his twitter account, Mujtahid had predicted that King Salman plans to sack bin Nayef as his crown prince.

Now with this point in mind that most of his predictions have come true so far, the resignation of the Saudi King in favour of his sons does not seem improbable.

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