Afghan girl robotics team secure second place in Intl. competition

Afghanistan’s all-girls robotic team, known as the Afghan Dreamers", came in second place out of 88 countries in the “PCBe the Change” world competition sponsored by Upverter Education, Ardunio and the IPC Education Foundation.

The Afghan team said the online competition started two months ago and included teams from Europe, America and Asia. 

The theme of the competition was for each team to come up with solutions for problems in their society. 

The robotics team designed an electronic traffic regulator for addressing traffic problems in Afghanistan. 

“Traffic is a big problem in Afghanistan, and we are trying to solve that problem. We used the Upverter modular to design a board for this project,” Somaya Faruqi, captain of the team, stated. 

“We will add counters on the streets and those counters will count the cars that cross the streets. And as streets become more crowded, the duration of the red light will increase and the duration of the green light will be decreased,” a member of the team added. 

The Afghan robotic team has won several medals in international competitions and has earned an international reputation. 

After the August 15 political changes, the robotics team left Afghanistan They are now living and working in Qatar.

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