120 people poisoned by fake alcoholic drinks in Iran’s Karaj, fatalities reported

Iranian media say 120 people have been poisoned after drinking counterfeit alcohol in the province of Karaj, with unofficial reports of over a dozen fatalities.

Head of the University of Medical Sciences in Karaj Shahram Sayyadi said those poisoned with fake alcoholic drinks, mainly containing methanol, were received at different hospitals of the province near Tehran.

According to the available data, he said, the delay in the transfer of some of those poisoned to medical centers and the severity of poisoning caused the death of 10 of them in the hospital.

“Currently, about 40 of these people are undergoing treatment and dialysis in the hospitals of Alborz Province, and the general condition of most of them is good,” Sayyadi said.

He added that all the poisoned people have digestive symptoms, shortness of breath, blurred vision and dizziness, and the average age is between 16 and 50 years.

Unofficial reports have, however, put the number of the dead at 14.

Iranian police say six producers of fake alcoholic beverages have been arrested, while others have been identified.

Under the Iranian law, possession or consumption of alcohol is a crime as it is forbidden under the Islamic code.

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