“50K Palestinian pregnant women teetering on verge of death in Gaza”

The head of gynecology  and maternity department at Al-Tahrir Hospital in Khan Younis, situated in the south of the Gaza Strip, says tens of thousands of pregnant women are dicing with death in Gaza amidst severe shortages of medicine and medical equipment due to Israeli strikes.

In an interview with IRNA, Waleed Abu Hatab emphasized: “We urgently demand action to save the hospital; otherwise, the healthcare system in the Gaza Strip will collapse within a short period.”

He said: “The severe lack of medical equipment, medicine, and fuel in Gaza’s hospitals is evidence of the destruction impacting an entire generation.”

Abu Hatab added: “More than 50,000 pregnant women in Gaza lack basic health and delivery services. We are witnessing cases of precarious childbirth and inadequate access to healthy nutrition.”

He announced: “Since the start of the war, we have converted some maternity and special care departments into reception rooms for the wounded, leading to a shortage of beds.

Moreover, a considerable number of citizens from the northern Gaza Strip and Gaza City have migrated to the southern region, including pregnant women. This migration has also negatively impacted service levels due to the increased number of pregnant women.”

Abu Hatab warned: “We are grappling with a severe shortage of specialized medicines for pregnant women and related services.”

He noted: “We have had to cut off electricity to various hospital departments due to fuel shortages since the onset of the war against Gaza. Our focus has been on maintaining power supply and services to the special care department, the surgery rooms, and the children’s department.”

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