Saturday, December 10, 2022

5 killed, 5 injured in Iran armed robbery shooting

Police attempts to stop a suspicious vehicle led to a deadly shootout with armed robbers that left three police officers martyred.

An armed robbery shooting has left five people killed and another five injured in the central Iranian cities of Khomein and Golpayegan.

According to Iranian police sources, four armed robbers opened fire on police forces in Khomein on Saturday after the security forces attempted to stop the robbers’ vehicle which had aroused their suspicion. One police officer was killed and another three were injured in the incident.

The assailants then headed for the nearby city of Golpayegan and engaged in clashes with the security forces who were deployed to arrest the criminals. During the ensuing shootout, two police officers, including the second-in-command of Golpayegan’s police, and one of the attackers were killed. Two other police officers were also wounded.

The three other armed robbers then left the scene of the murder in Golpayegan and fled to a nearby village. The corpses of a father and his 17-year-old son were later recovered in the village. Iranian police officials say the murders were most probably perpetrated by the fugitive criminals.

Khomein and Golpayegan are two cities in Iran’s central provinces of Markazi and Isfahan, respectively.

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