UNSC rejects Russian resolution on humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, citing “failure to condemn Hamas”

The United Nations Security Council has rejected a Russian resolution calling for a humanitarian ceasefire of the war between Israel and Hamas because the draft did not get the required minimum number of votes to be passed.

The resolution received five votes in favor, four against and six abstentions, with the United States, the United Kingdom and France voting against due the resolution’s failure to condemn Hamas for its attacks on Israel. The draft would have needed nine votes in favor to proceed.

“By failing to condemn Hamas, Russia is giving cover to a terrorist group that brutalizes innocent civilians. It is outrageous, it is hypocritical, and it is indefensible,” US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield said in justification to the US’ vote.

She previously compared the attacks executed by Hamas to the “most heinous atrocities committed by Daesh.”

“We cannot support a resolution which fails to condemn Hamas’ terror attacks,” Ambassador Barbara Woodward, the UK’s Permanent Representative to the UN, said in her explanation of vote.

France’s Permanent Representative to the UN Nicolas de Rivière stated “several essential elements were lacking” from Russia’s draft resolution and instead encouraged the council to “unite around the draft proposed by the Brazilian presidency, and agree to condemn this terrorist attack, ensure humanitarian assistance and protect the civilian population of Gaza.”

Russia’s Ambassador to the UN Vasily Nebenzya claimed the resolution failed to get adopted because of the western bloc’s selfish intentions.

“The UN Security Council has once again become hostage to the aspirations of Western countries by not adopting the Russian Federation’s draft resolution on the Middle East,” Nebenzya stated, according to Russian state media RIA Novosti.

Moscow has previously criticized Israel’s actions and called for a ceasefire.

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