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UK arms exporters warned of criminal liability over weapons sales to Israel

Campaigners have written to the directors of 20 British arms companies, warning them of potential criminal liability for failing to prevent war crimes if they continue weapons sales to Israel.

UK approved over 100 military export licences to Israel since Gaza war

More than 100 UK export licences for the sale of weapons, military equipment and other controlled items to Israel have been approved since October 2023, new data has disclosed.

Report: Pro-Israel groups fund one-third of UK Conservative MPs

A third of elected politicians in Britain’s ruling Conservative Party have received funding from pro-Israel lobby groups, according to a report.

UK says does not want ‘direct conflict with Russia’

The West has no appetite for a direct military confrontation with Russia over Ukraine, British Defenсe Secretary Grant Shapps has stated. He also suggested that Berlin is unwilling to provide its long-range missiles to Kiev for fear that they would be used to hit Russian targets in Crimea.

UK says Ukraine can use British weapons to strike Crimea

Ukraine can use any arms supplied by the UK to launch strikes on the Crimean Peninsula, British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps has stated. London considers the region, which joined Russia in 2014 following a referendum, to be an “integral part of Ukraine”, he added.

Students stage pro-Palestine protests at five more UK universities

Students at five UK universities have become the latest demonstrators to stage protest rallies to pressure their institutions into divesting funds from and ending partnerships with Israel.

Pro-Palestine students set up encampments at UK universities

Pro-Palestine students at campuses across the United Kingdom have set up encampments demanding that their academic institutions divest from companies involved in the weapons trade with Israel amid the war in the Gaza Strip.

UK expresses hope there would be no “retaliatory response” to Iran’s attack against Israel

Israel has every right to retaliate after the Iranian drone and missile attacks over the weekend but would be better served by refraining from an escalation, UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron has stated.

UK says will not suspend weapons exports to Israel

UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron has confirmed London will not suspend arms exports to Israel after the killing of seven aid workers in an airstrike on Gaza last week, as he insisted the UK would continue to act within international law.

UK says its forces won’t ‘fight side by side’ with Ukrainians against Russia

London has no plans to send troops to fight Russia alongside Ukrainian soldiers, a UK government spokesman has stated.

Britain pressures Germany on long-range missile for Ukraine

Western nations should enhance their military support to Ukraine and “invest” more in NATO, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron told Germany’s Sueddeutsche Zeitung daily in an interview. London is ready to work with Berlin on “solving the issues” preventing Germany from providing Kiev with its long-range Taurus missiles, he added.

Russia claims UK ‘directly involved’ in Ukraine conflict

Britain’s direct military involvement in Ukraine was never a secret, but one of the country’s media outlets has now admitted it outright, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, has stated.

Yemen’s Red Sea operations strike heavy blow to UK retailers: Report

UK retailers and exporters have been dealt a heavy blow by Yemen’s strikes in support of Gaza, which is enduring a genocidal war by Israel, according to a report.

UK imposes sanctions on six officials at prison where Russia’s Navalny died

Senior prison officials at the Arctic penal colony where the Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny died will be banned from the UK and have their assets frozen, under sanctions announced by Foreign Secretary David Cameron.

UK says to take action over Russia opposition figure death

The United Kingdom will take action over the death in prison of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and is calling on other countries to do likewise, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron stated on Saturday.

UK announces sanctions on ‘extremist’ Israeli settlers over West Bank violence

The United Kingdom has put sanctions on four Israeli settlers accused of committing human rights abuses against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank following a similar move by the United States this month.

Report: UK allows MKO terror group operate on its soil 

Iran’s Tasnim News Agency says it has obtained information that shows Britain has not only allowed the anti-Iran MKO terrorist group to operate on its soil with a special permission, but it has also turned a blind eye to the group’s engagement in narco-trafficking.

UK to “wait and see” on possible further strikes against Yemen’s Houthis: Defense secretary

London will "wait and see" whether it will conduct further strikes against Houthis in Yemen in order to protect international shipping, the British defense secretary has stated.

UK preparing to conduct attacks on Yemen’s Houthis: Report

Britain is reportedly preparing to launch a wave of air strikes against Houthi fighters in Yemen as they keep targeting Israel-bound vessels in the Red Sea, according to a report. The Houthis say as long as Israel’s carnage continues in Gaza, all ships bound for the occupied territories will be their targets.

British MPs call on UK government to halt arms exports to Israel over war crimes

Over a dozen British MPs have urged the UK government to halt its arms exports to Israel, stressing they fear Britain is complicit in Israeli atrocities being committed against Palestinians in Gaza.

Saudi crown prince canceled UK trip before welcoming Russian leader: Report

Saudi Arabia scrapped plans for Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to visit London earlier this month, days before he hosted Russian President Vladimir Putin in Riyadh, the Financial Times has reported, citing UK government officials.

UK Labour party blocks Palestinian group from using ‘apartheid’ in conference brochure

The UK Labour Party has told the largest Palestinian advocacy organisation in the the country that it cannot refer to Israel as an apartheid state in publicity material ahead of next week's party conference.

Israel prevents UK foreign secretary from visiting Palestinian village terrorised by settlers

Israeli authorities have blocked British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly from visiting a Palestinian village that was recently emptied of its residents after years of Israeli settler violence, Middle East Eye has reported.

UK government taking ‘dangerous road’ by labeling critics of Israel anti-Semitic

London is taking a “dangerous road” by labelling critics of Israel’s human rights record as anti-Semitic, a parliamentary committee examining a bill that would ban public bodies from supporting the BDS movement has been told.

Pro-Palestine campaigners snubbed by UK MPs over anti-BDS bill

Palestinian advocacy organisations have not been invited to give evidence in person to a parliamentary committee scrutinising proposed legislation which would ban public bodies in the United Kingdom from disinvesting from Israel due to concerns over the abuse of Palestinian rights.

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