Report: Iranian cleric sentenced to jail for insulting Imam Khomeini 

Ensafe news, an Iranian online media outlet, says Hojatoleslam Shahabeddin Haeri Shirazi, has been sentenced to several years in jail by a court designated for clerics.

Ensaf News cited Haeri as announcing that on his Telegram channel. Haeri said he was sentenced to jail for spreading lies against the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran Imam Khomeini and to paying a 15-million-toman fine.

He says he was also required to make up for the insults through widely-circulated newspapers.

Haeri added, “I was also given one year in prison for propaganda against the establishment”.

The court further banned Haeri from media activity for three years and ordered the closure of his Telegram channel.

He has 20 days to file an appeal against the verdict.

Haeri is a critic of the government, blaming it for the economic problems in Iran. He is the son of late Ayatollah Haeri Shiraz, former Friday prayers leader of Shiraz, southern Iran.

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