Israeli airstrikes caused extensive damage to Gaza hospital: Aid organization

Israeli air raids have “caused extensive damage to hospital departments and exposed residents and patients to suffocation” at the Al-Quds Hospital, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society has confirmed.

The aid organization accused Israel of “deliberately” launching the airstrikes “directly next to Al-Quds Hospital, with the aim of forcing the medical staff, displaced people, and patients to evacuate the hospital”.

Videos from the Palestinian Red Crescent show dust clouding up hallways in the hospital, with some people trying to put on face masks.

The director of Al-Quds Hospital, Dr. Bashar Mourad, told CNN the vicinity of the hospital had been targeted three times by Israeli airstrikes Sunday as of 4:45 p.m. local time (10:45 a.m. ET).

Al-Quds Hospital is treating hundreds of patients, including wounded people, patients in intensive care and children in incubators, the Palestinian Red Crescent noted. In addition, approximately 12,000 internally displaced civilians are currently sheltering at the hospital.

The hospital is located in the Tal Al Hawa neighborhood in Gaza City, north of Wadi Gaza — the line south of which Israel has urged people in Gaza to flee.

Earlier Sunday, the Palestinian Red Crescent had confirmed it received a warning to immediately evacuate the hospital. The World Health Organization has said the order is impossible without endangering the lives of patients.

Dr Subhi Sukeyk, the director of the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital in Gaza, has also reported “significant damage” to the medical facility following renewed and multiple Israeli bombings on nearby targets.

The hospital is the only medical centre in Gaza capable of handling cancer cases.
In recent weeks, it has already stopped some of its services due to Israel preventing fuel from being allowed into the territory.

There are an estimated 9,000 cancer patients in Gaza, which has a population of about 2.3 million.

Palestinians have blamed Israel for an explosion at al-Ahli Arab Hospital that killed nearly 500 people on October 17.

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