Iranian FM Calls for UN’s More Active Role in Resolving World Crises


Iran dismissed a draft resolution against human rights status in the country, presented to the UN Human Rights Council, as “unfair and far from reality”, criticizing the West for turning a blind eye to the war crimes by states that do not have even a parliament.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran strongly condemns the measure by any country to draft a human rights resolution against our country; and we believe on the basis of our principled policy that such moves are unfair, incorrect and against the realities in the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said on Saturday.

Such anti-Iran moves are taken while many Western states are simply ignoring the massacre of people in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq, or the crimes committed by the “regional supporters of the terrorist groups”, and surprisingly avoid commenting on “certain countries without parliament and election for political reasons,” he added.

The spokesman further rejected media reports trying to link Sweden’s move to present the anti-Iran human rights resolution with the Swedish prime minister’s recent visit to Iran.

He said Sweden is only one of the Western countries in the UNHRC, which passes an anti-Iran human rights resolution in Geneva every year, in a campaign spearheaded by the US and the Israeli regime, for the purpose of fomenting Iranophobia.

The remarks came after Sweden unveiled plans to introduce a UN draft resolution on Iran’s human rights record on March 10.

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