Friday, December 9, 2022

Iranian Dentist Gives Free Street Dental Exams

Shafi Ja’fari is a young dentist who gave out free dental examinations to people around Enqelab Square, in central Tehran, ISNA news agency reported.

What Ja’fari, a Tehran University graduate, did, was a symbolic act of criticism centred on the widespread public ignorance of prevention.

He explained that “Iranian people often overlook the importance of prevention and regular checkups, so I took my unit to the street to encourage the public to take dental problems seriously.”

“I usually visit 40 to 50 patients per day, and I know from experience that neither patients nor doctors take prevention into account,” he said.

Ignoring dental problems at the early stages would intensify the disease itself, as well as the cost, Ja’fari warned, adding that periodical checkups can both prevent serious problems and lower expenses.

“I chose Enqelab Square so I could visit people from different classes, and I got great feedback,” he added.

He expressed hope that insurance companies and healthcare providers will strive to reconcile people with the concept of medical prevention, particularly in the field of dental care.

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