Thursday, June 1, 2023

Iran Offers Economic Aid to Nicaragua

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a meeting with his Nicaraguan counterpart Samuel Santos Lopez voiced Tehran's readiness to help Managua with economic aid in various fields of energy, agriculture and industry.



“Iran is ready for economic cooperation with Nicaragua, specially in agriculture, industry, energy and development of infrastructures,” Zarif said during the meeting here in Tehran on Monday.

The Nicaraguan foreign minister, for his part, explained Nicaragua’s economic capacities and his country’s achievements in the field, and said, “Nicaragua is interested in expanding mutual cooperation with Iran in different fields, specially in economy.”

Also, in a joint press conference following the meeting, Zarif called for a boost in Tehran-Managua economic exchanges and cooperation in a move to further reinvigorate the two states’ bilateral political ties.

“The extensive political relations between the two countries will be further reinforced with economic bonds,” Zarif said at the press conference.

The Iranian foreign minister underlined that President Hassan Rouhani and his administration are seriously expanding their relations with Nicaragua and President Daniel Ortega.

Zarif told reporters that both Iran and Nicaragua have governments that have come to power with the support of their own people, and said, “I had good talks with the Nicaraguan foreign minister over the expansion of ties and we share extensive views at the international level.”

The Iranian foreign minister said Nicaragua has shown its understanding of Iran’s common political viewpoints, “and this has resulted in the proximity of the two governments and nations”.

Zarif reiterated that there are suitable grounds for further mutual cooperation in economic fields, and said, “Nicaragua has witnessed very promising results in its development (plans) and these successes have taken place during President Ortega’s tenure.”

Also speaking at the press conference, Lopez underscored that Iran, as a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), has the right to advance its nuclear program for peaceful purposes.

Lopez said that Iran has never deviated from its peaceful nuclear work and Nicaragua has always supported this right.

Fars News Agency
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