Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Foolproof Tips to Increase Instagram Followers that Actually Work

Increasing followers on Instagram can help you to reach a number of people. But it is not easy to get followers organically due to the new Instagram algorithm.

Then how to get more Instagram followers? Don’t fret, here we have gathered some proven tips to increase your following count. Let’s div in and know how to get more Instagram followers in the fraction of time.

1. You can post multiple photos by combining into a collage. It will increase your post engagement. You can use an Instagram photo downloader to download your photos and then apply such tools as PicFrame and Canva to combine up the images.

2. Try to post images with blue color because studies suggest that these photos get nearly 24 percent more engagement than dark color tone like red and orange.

3. Reports show that midweek posts receive more engagement than other days. Consider posting on Wednesday.

4. Remember to use word comment on the photo’ caption because studies indicate that you can get more comments by doing this.

5. According to social media scientist D. Zarella, images with faces get more engagement (35%)

6. Tag relevant people and brands in your posts. Thereby, your post will show up in their feeds and they will likely to like and share it.

7. Post bright photos with light because these photos get 24 percent more like than those without.

8. Come up with own hashtags and use it with your photos. Ask your followers to share it. This way, your followers will get engage with your brand that will improve the visibility of your brand.

9. Share candid images and BTS photos with your followers. It will reflect the individuality of your brand.

10. Always prefer to share User-generated content either photo or videos. You can save Instagram videos from other accounts and then share them with your account. You can also re-share the photos of your loyal followers. Also, mention them in your posts.

11. Don’t use a filter with the photos because research suggests that when you share a raw image, it will receive more engagement than an image with a filter.

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12. You can promote your profile to your email subscribers. Share you’re a photo in the newsletter and link it up to your account.

13. Consider promoting your Instagram username on marketing material and business card. Know more latest tech news from

14. Follow your Facebook friend on this platform, they will follow you back as well. In order to follow your friends, click on the top right side of the screen (3 dot icon). Select find friends and click on find friends on Facebook and follow them.

15. Consider posting photos with structures because it receives more likes than those without edges and structures.

16. Become a storyteller and tell a story in the caption of your photos. It will create an emotional connection to your business and also help you to get more engagement.

17. Whenever you go to the live event, take good photos and share them on your feed. Tag influencers and mega bloggers in these photos that will improve visibility.

18. Share image quotes or you can share your own quotes too with your fans. People love quotes and like these types of posts.

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