Thursday, June 1, 2023

Art project spotlights children of war

Iranian graphic designer Majid Abbasi Farahani initiated an art project to draw world attention to children as the main victims of wars and regional conflicts.

The project was implemented at Maya Paintball Field in Tehran in mid-March. Portraits of children displaced by wars in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and many other countries were placed in front of the field’s artificial terrain by two teams of eager players.

The grey portraits were soon spotted by green and orange bullets. One player was deeply affected by the scene and withdrew from the game shortly after.

“It’s war; this is what occurs in the real world in Syria, somewhere a few hundred kilometers distant from us,” Abbasi Farahani told the Tehran Times.

“These are images of only a few of many children who are being killed in the wars in Syria, Yemen, Kurdistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan every day,” he added.

Abbasi Farahani, 37, drew the images based on 100 pictures of children in war zones.

The game has been filmed and Abbasi Farahani plans to screen it at venues in Berlin and Madrid.

He said that the project is a sequel to his previous program, which was organized in 2012. The program focused on the Arab Spring and the unrest that hit the Middle East in 2012.

He made Plexiglas objects having lights inside, which also were destroyed by explosives and gunshots.

Photo: Players take part in graphic designer Majid Abbasi Farahani’s art project on children of war at Tehran’s Maya Paintball Field.
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