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The latest remarks and opinion pieces by cultural analyst and politician Ahmad Masjed-Jamei. Born in 1956, Masjed-Jamei is a reformist politician who served as the minister of culture and Islamic guidance under former president Mohammad Khatami. A master of human geography, he has also served as the chairman of Tehran City Council.

‘Iran Downing of US Drone Stops Bellicose States from Seeking War’

An expert on Arab and Middle East issues says Emirati officials were initially seeking a destructive war against Iran and intended to disintegrate the country, but the IRGC's recent shoot-down of an American spy drone changed the equations.

“Iranians Always Sacrificing Lives to Defend Homeland”

A city councilor says Iranians have, throughout history, put their lives on the line to defend their homeland.

‘Breath’ Great Choice to Represent Iran’s Cinema in World: Official

A former Iranian culture minister says the film ‘Breath’ directed by Narges Abyar is a good choice to represent Iran in the global arena, particularly the Academy Awards.