Many conflicts in world stem from US desire to impose views on others: Russia

Many negative processes in the world stem from the desire of the US and certain states to impose their views on other nations, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has stated.

Addressing the Federation Council (upper house of parliament, or “senate”), he pointed out that “the global situation has not improved” since his previous meeting with the Russian senators.

“Many negative developments are rooted in the insatiable desire of Washington and a small group of countries who have sworn allegiance to the US to impose their views about everything on the rest of the world,” Lavrov pointed out.

According to him, this has resulted in “the disingenuous concept of the much-vaunted ‘rules-based order’ and the tendency of [artificially] dividing countries into democracies and autocracies.”

“The meaning behind such arrangements is clear and simple and no one bothers to hide it: the aim is to preserve their – that is, the West’s – privileged position so that they can continue to achieve their development goals at the expense of others, in this case, at the expense of the global majority,” the top Russian diplomat explained.

“The Westerners are still not prepared to engage in fair and equal cooperation with other countries,” Lavrov concluded.

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