Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Arrests made in Iran in connection with Isfahan drone attack 

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry and the Intelligence Agency of the IRGC have issued a joint statement, saying a number of people have been arrested in connection with the recent failed terrorist attack on a military facility in the city of Isafahan.

The statement said the detainees are the main orchestrators of the attack on the facility belonging to Iran’s Defense Ministry.

It noted that operatives from both the Intelligence Ministry and the IRGC’s Intelligence Agency were involved in the operation to capture the people who carried out the act of terror some two weeks ago.

The statement said it will give further details about the issue while noting that it’s already been proved that the Zionist regime was behind the attack in Isfahan that was conducted using drones.

Iran says the drones were assembled inside Iran while parts thereof were smuggled into the country from Iraq’s Kurdistan region which is used as a safe haven by anti-Iran terror groups.

According to Iranian officials, the explosives loaded onto the drones were also brought into Iran from Iraq’s Kurdistan.

The anti-Iran groups sneaked into Iran from an insurmountable area on the country’s northwest border. The attack left no casualties. It only caused minimal damage to the roof of the military facility in Isfahan.

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